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My journey with People’s compels me, I hope yours does for you, too. They graciously allow the community to advertise on a high-profile bulletin and that is where I launched my résumé service in 2011. From there, I progressed to advertising in the newsletter and developing and forming relationships with staff and member/owners. I have conducted consultations and written résumés in almost every corner of the lot. Many times, outside on beautiful, sunny San Diego days.  I consider People’s Co Op the greatest person-made institution in all of Ocean Beach. I love it. I love everything about it.  Serving their massive member/owner base is my plan.

People’s Organic Food Market. Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.

People’s is a 40+ year-old organic cooperative. They sell organic food, have a deli/salad bar upstairs, and a great health department. They are Pillar of the Community in terms of employer, healthy food provider, and community resource. I have been enjoying my owner-membership there for over 10 years now.

They allow me to utilize their meeting room space to meet my clients. This afford myself and you the customer a nice, safe, comfortable environment for us to meet and engage about your career. They are located at 4765 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92107. Parking is tight! They have a lot in the back alley as well. **They have just opened a cafe next-door, a full-service vegetarian restaurant and cafe.