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I am ready to help you advance your career.

I enjoy raising the bar for my clients. Making you a more effective communicator in the business world and sending you off with a great résumé, or training you how to be better prepared to answer difficult questions in an interview process. Working with you directly, hand-in-hand. I enjoy that interaction the most. That is where a real, tangible, notable transfer of skills will take place between us. Everyone has a different level of work experience, and I will tailor my input accordingly.

It’s simple: I do for your career what I did for my own.

I spent many years selling computer hardware, software, and services and I also worked for a business communication skills training company, an industry leader. They served 350 of the Fortune 500 companies! I began to take the training frequently. It was then I began to understand that learning and training within business communication had scientific methodologies behind it, even though the subject was not biology or chemistry.  I now focus my energies on using those skills for you, the job-seeker. I provide high-powered resumes, interview preparation, custom job-searches, LinkedIn profiles, and Career Counseling.

I have prepared résumés for: Executive Directors (internationally-renowned organizations), CFO’s (Chief Financial Officers), CTO’s (Chief Technological Officer), Attorneys of local and international accreditation, Non-Profit managers (multiple Global brands), and board members/Directors. I have celebrity clients, clients working for four professional sports teams (NFL: Los Angeles Chargers, Dallas Cowboys, NBA: Charlotte Bobcats, Los Angeles Raiders) and a recently promoted head coach here in San Diego! (From Defensive Coordinator to Head Coach). I have represented clients working for high-level technology companies in the SF Bay Area like: Amazon, Square-Up, Inc., and Cisco. I have also helped job-seekers land jobs with very influential business people (Shark Tank show creator and original host Kevin Harrington Shark Tank Host/Creator hires my client ). I don’t believe in limitations and that is reflected in the positive momentum my clients experience in the trajectory of their careers,  post-engagement.

My Bio

I personally had many jobs in my own career. I started working for my father’s construction company at a very young age and then in hot kitchens for mom-and-pop restaurants. I progressed from there to my first sales jobs, and eventually sales management positions. I then ascended to working for a Fortune-500 technology corporation as an Enterprise-level corporate executive representing complex technology vendors and services. This led to further job opportunities in even more specialized markets. I finished my corporate career as an employee/consultant and business manager in the real-time GPS fleet-tracking business. This entailed managing all sales channels in the companies largest and newest markets and explaining several moving technological components/parts-and-pieces/platforms to business owners about real-time data coming from massive service fleets and distributed over hand-held devices. This is what I was doing before I started my own business providing professional consulting services in the career management field.

I took something from all those roles, the sales calls, on-site client visits, training seminars, professional development courses, process improvement meetings, webinars, and trade-shows etc. The ability to communicate business information, succinctly, to many different levels of the corporate hierarchy. The skills I used to generate interviews, return-interviews, and job-offers for myself are now available for you to utilize to ADVANCE your own CAREER!