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Outsourced Recruiting

Staff your workforce with dedicated, hard-working, and successful candidates.

Successful Corporate Recruiting Projects

Utilize my large database of qualified candidates to mine prospects with great skills. I can manage targeted hiring campaigns for specific business channels (Sales, Medical, Technology), and together we can rapidly grow your company and work-force. Recruiting, training, and retention of key talent is crucial to growing any enterprise.

I contract with companies that need help recruiting and developing key employees in all positions.

Contact me to discuss your recruiting needs, my methodologies and systems can be applied to any vertical market, and I can provide custom solutions. I fill the niche a growing business needs between personally managing Human Resource functions and having a full-time, salaried staff-member that will also need benefits.

Why me?

  • Experience- I have managed large staffs with great success and I know what it takes to identify, recruit, train, and retain key talent.
  • Dedication- When I take on a new recruiting contract, I conduct myself as if I was hired by the company. The dedication I showed throughout my career to my employers is the same dedication I will provide for you, on an outsourced basis.
  • Outsourced model- This prevents you from having to compensate for benefits, insurances, and other costs associated with a full-time employee.
  • Quality- I will represent your company and brand to the utmost level.
  • Business Communication Skills- I provide sales recruiting, management, mentor ship, leadership, training in hard- and soft- skills, and a high-degree of business communication knowledge that I will ultimately transfer to your employees via training and exposure.