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Let me help you find the job of your dreams! I offer custom job-searches, uniquely formatted for your particular career needs. Sit back and watch your email in-box receive first: confirmation of receipts, and then emails from hiring managers asking when you are free to speak. I apply my proprietary system to hit many more openings than the average job seeker can locate. You get blind, carbon-copied on all applications. This is very effective and saves you time and money.


I offer a next-level, targeted penetration of companies that you want to apply for a job with.


This is a per/Hour, fee-based system. I can spend my time doing two things for you. Usually I split this fifty-fifty from a time usage standpoint:

  1. Directly finding and directly contacting hiring managers for openings that fit your criteria
  2. Finding job opening and sending you to the lengthy, detailed, corporate application systems that require a lot of personal information and time