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FAQ Section


How much is a résumé?

I typically charge between $250 to $350 for résumés and adjust depending on how technical or lengthy it is. All services are custom quoted.

Executive, Management, Technical, Project Manager etc. have additional cost. Blue-Collar, Entry-Level, lesser cost.


How do I order a résumé?

If local to San Diego we will meet in person, I will conduct a consultation, and collect initial deposit.  

If outside of San Diego: We will do the consultation via telephone and all payment/services handled digitally.



What is included?
Standard résumé includes: Custom Cover Letter and Master Résumé


How long does it take for delivery of the résumé?
Typically 2-3 Business days, from consultation to delivery. If Rush Service is required- minimum $50.00 Rush Fee will be added to invoice. 


How long is the pre-consultation?
30 minutes to 1-Hour. This is where I learn about you; your skill-sets, attributes, and career goals.


How do I receive the resume?
Digital versions in Standard MS WORD .doc or .docx format and if local,  high-quality hard copies for review.


Can I edit the résumé after delivery?
Yes, masters will always be backed up securely for you to access from me at any time, directly. 


What if I want to update my  résumé?

If I did the résumé, I will update it for a small fee. Minor or minimal changes, no cost. 


Do you do Career Counseling?
Yes I do, and can help you understand high-level concepts about the workplace, market for jobs, and strategies to help you overcome obstacles. Please contact me to discuss my hourly rate to provide you with career counseling.


Do you do interview preparation? 
Yes- here is the page on my web site:

Interview Preparation


Do you do job-searches?
Yes, here is the page on my website:

Custom Job Search


Can you provide me with multiple versions?
Yes, I will provide you with multiple versions of your résumé and cover letter; specifically tailored for industry and role. 


Can I just purchase templates from you or do the transaction virtually? (no meeting)?

Yes, you can purchase templates from me with no meeting if you want.


Can you build me a LinkedIn Profile?

Yes. Please contact me to discuss pricing.


How long does an interview preparation session last?

Typically a session last approximately 1-Hour