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Résumés are the foundation of your job search.

They are a dynamic, ever-changing, never-static instrument and tool. The right résumé can open a door for you and your career that you didn’t know existed. The wrong résumé can deny a life-changing opportunity.

Our first plan of action is to meet and speak. I will analyze the many details of your past career or skill-set. We will then plan a road map for your future, utilizing the high-level résumé as the instrument for career navigation!


Résumé price is based on your occupation and length-of-time in the work force. My costs are very competitive, based on market research.  You can expect to pay around $400 for mid-level professional. More, or less, based on: needs, technical info, role, career-length, and other variables.

Email or call for custom quote today. jamie@resumesdoneright.net 619-634-6121

If local

Pandemic adjustment: Telephone. We will meet face-to-face in San Diego, CA where I launched my company in 2011. I will learn all about your career and accomplishments and finally: your highest-level career goals.  I have utilized People’s Co Op as my preferred, informal, and localized meeting spot for over seven years. It is a forty-five year-old, vegetarian, organic co-op (member-owned grocery store) with a deli and health department.

Located in the heart of Ocean Beach:
4765 Voltaire St, San Diego, CA 92107
OB People’s Food Co Op

If remote

we will conduct via teleconference with all payment made in full in advance. I accept Venmo, Visa and MasterCard, cash, personal check, and money order.

My convenient link for Venmo
My link for PayPal

Payment–>Teleconference—>Digital Delivery——>Final editing.