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Résumé Length? How long should my Résumé be?

This pendulum swings back and forth every few years. I have designed methodologies to address the ever-important question of “Résumé Length”. The official answer from my company is I create them to their natural, organic length and then work with the client to fit their need. I also have “deeper” level strategies which I will discuss individually if we engage. They involve multiple options for you, the job-seeker, to attack an opening with. This is one example of how my clients win.




FAQ Section


How much is a résumé?

Executive résumés start at $300 and are adjusted depending on how technical or lengthy your career is. All services are custom quoted.

Management, Technical, Project Manager etc. have additional cost.


Entry-Level, Administrative, and “Blue-Collar” résumés have a lesser cost. All services are custom quoted.


How do I order a résumé?

You can email me at jamie@resumesdoneright.net, call or text me at 619-634-6121, or contact me through the form on this site.

First step:

I will quote you via email a price for what you need: résumé, job-search, interview preparation, career counseling, LinkedIn profile etc.


If outside of San Diego: We will do the consultation via telephone and all payment/services handled digitally.


If local to San Diego we will meet in person, I will conduct an in-depth consultation, and collect initial deposit.  


What is included?
Standard résumé includes: Custom Cover Letter and Master Résumé


How long does it take for delivery of the résumé?
Typically 2-3 Business days, from consultation to delivery. If Rush Service is required- minimum $50.00 Rush Fee will be added to the invoice. 


How long is the consultation?
30 minutes to 1-Hour. This is how I produce amazing résumés, by learning about all about you,  your skill-sets, attributes, accomplishments, and career goals.


How do I receive the resume?
Digital versions come in standard MS WORD .doc or .docx format and if local, high-quality hard copies for review. Any other format is considered custom

and will be quoted individually.


Can I edit the résumé after delivery?
Yes, your Master Résumé will always be backed up securely for you to access from me, at any time, directly. 


What if I want to update my  résumé?

If I did the résumé, I will update it for a small fee. Minor or minimal changes, no cost. Supporting my product, fully,  is a key differentiator. 


Do you do Career Counseling?
Yes I do, and can help you understand high-level concepts about the workplace, job market, and strategies to help you overcome  common obstacles.

Please contact me to discuss my hourly rate to provide you with career counseling.

Career Counseling


Do you do interview preparation? 
Yes- here is the page on my web site:

Interview Preparation


Do you do job-searches?
Yes, here is the page on my website:

Custom Job Search


Can you provide me with multiple versions?
Yes, I will provide you with multiple versions of your résumé and cover letter; specifically tailored for both industry and role. Example: VP of Sales and Account Executive. 


Can I just purchase templates from you or do the transaction virtually? (no meeting)?

Yes, you can purchase templates from me for your cover letter or résumé intro.

Can you build me a LinkedIn Profile?

Yes. Please contact me to discuss pricing.


How long does an interview preparation session last?

Typically a session will last approximately 1-Hour

Online Presence/LinkedIn Profiles



The fact is that LinkedIn is now a crucial, must-have, must-use tool to develop your professional career image and do job-searches. Do you need help improving your online presence? Representing a better image to recruiters and hiring managers? I can create a custom LinkedIn Solution that will provide all the necessary information corporations are looking for.  Perhaps your corporate biography needs to be created or upgraded? I can assist you with improving your story and presenting the right image to prospective hiring managers, colleagues, board-members, and customers. Whether you need an online or corporate bio, LinkedIn Profile, or a custom, graphic-intensive hosted résumé solution for your career portfolio, I can create an effective and professional presence for you.



I have had a large demand for my services from healthcare workers, specifically nurses.

I have put my pen to work and created a custom curriculum for nursing professionals that includes: Résumé + Cover Letter,  Interview Preparation, and Custom Job Search.

  1. Great Résumé:  My proprietary and unique way of presenting your info to hospitals, clinics, and other employers has resulted in great success within the field.  New Grads take note!
  2. Interview Preparation: I will help you distinguish yourself as the best nursing candidate by teaching you what to say, and how to say it, in the highly competitive interview process. Behavioral and Skills-Based preparation
  3. Job-Search: My custom job-search methods work extremely well, and very quickly.  Saves hours! This will help you make the best use of YOUR time.
  4. LinkedIn Profile: A digital version of your Résumé on the world’s most utilized job/career related business networking platform. A must-have for the serious job seeker. Let recruiters find you more efficiently.


I have worked with nurses from all levels: brand-new graduates fresh out of nursing school to thirty-year master practitioners. They get their “dream jobs” at some of the top hospitals and clinics in California and in sixteen other states!

Placement, staffing, and recruiting services are all constantly evolving and developing into bigger business segments of my company and I will look forward to enhancing the relationships I have as well as creating new ones with with amazing healthcare practitioners around the country.

I also enjoy seeing my clients progress in career and role, coming back over the years to get their resumes updated as they add certifications., experience, and titles!

“With modern technological advances and growing competition for the best nursing jobs, a vague, uninspiring resume just won’t cut it. The opportunities are vast, employers have diverse needs, and every nurse is unique. In this ever-changing world of online applications, writing a strong nursing resume that portrays your skills and accomplishments in an impressive way can be a daunting task.

Think of your job search as your own personal marketing campaign. And the product is you! Your resume is essentially an advertisement for your brand. A brand is not simply a logo, it’s the overall impression you give your audience. In this case, your audience is the potential employer.

As with any advertisement, the goal of your resume is to pique your audience’s interest. It does not get you the job. It gets you an interview. Once you’ve been invited for an interview, your audience is already partially ‘sold’, but it’s up to you to close the deal.

Just as an advertisement has a few seconds to capture the attention of an audience, your resume also has limited time to express your value to the reader. Or, in many cases, a resume-reading robot.” This is from Nurses.Org and I agree with a lot of the content expressed.



The right one can open a door for you and your career that you didn’t know existed.

The wrong one can deny a life-changing opportunity.

We will meet or speak and I will analyze the many details of your past work experience, career exposure, and skill-set.

Then we will plan a road map for your future, utilizing the high-level résumé as the instrument for great career navigation!


Pricing for resumes is dependent on how technical or lengthy it is. I charge less than most companies, and provide a superior product.  Job Search= $75.00/Hr. Interview Prep: $100.00/Session  LinkedIn Profile= $80.00.

High-impact cover letter, basic job search assistance included.  You will get digital and nicely-bound hard copies. I always meet my customers face-to-face for consultation and then deposit (50%, All monies non-refundable).

If remote we will conduct via teleconference with all payment made in full in advance.

Payment—>Teleconference—–>Digital Delivery——>Final editing.

I accept check, money order, Venmo, or debit/credit card (MasterCard & Visa)

Telephone: 619-634-6121
Email jamie@resumesdoneright.net

Career Counseling



Need a new start in your career? Are you lacking direction?  Let me help you chart your course!  I offer career-counseling for high-school students, recent graduates, transitioning military, and any professional that had a desire  to achieve more out of their current professions or to move into a new one.

My comprehensive coaching service includes a needs’ analysis and and inventory of your interests and abilities. We can help you choose a career, identify your path, overcome obstacles, examine new opportunities, and reach your full potential. I can discuss the marketplace, future growth/industry potential, and also leverage my technology background to help you make the best decision for yourself.

Custom Job Search



Let me help you find the job of your dreams! I offer custom job-searches, uniquely formatted for your particular career needs. Sit back and watch your email in-box receive first: confirmation of receipts, and then emails from hiring managers asking when you are free to speak. I apply my proprietary system to hit many more openings than the average job seeker can locate. You get blind, carbon-copied on all applications. This is very effective and saves you time and money.


I offer a next-level, targeted penetration of companies.


This is a per/Hour, fee-based system. I can spend my time doing two things for you. Usually I split this fifty-fifty from a time usage standpoint:

  1. Directly finding and directly contacting hiring managers for openings that fit your criteria
  2. Finding job opening and sending you to the lengthy, detailed, corporate, application systems that require a lot of personal information and time



Cover Letters



In today’s workplace and job-market the cover letter is almost as crucial as the résumé is. As such, it is assigned a “one-third value” of my overall product. Without an effective and compelling cover letter, some human resource employees and hiring managers will not review a résumé with the attention it deserves. Those that do not have this component are an easy choice to remove from consideration. My cover letters are unique, custom, and drive hiring managers to spend the time looking at your résumé that it deserves.



Update 1/09/2020: A recruiter colleague just published this on his personal FB:

This is a comment about the Cover Letter process, as seen through the eyes of a recruiter, and how it effects your resume and its audience. I stress to my clients that I value them as 1/3 the overall worth of my product.

Kyle Kinslow

Looking for a job? Here is a tip:
I put MAYBE 2-3mins into looking over your resume.
I will read your entire Cover Letter.
Which one do you think is more important?”

My cover letters are impactful,  engaging, and completely customized. You can purchase a customized cover letter (standard), or you can simply buy the template from me (MS WORD format). Contact me for details.

619-634-6121 or jamie@resumesdoneright.net