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Jeri D.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing resume you supplied. I had hesitated for 5 months applying for any type of employment due to the un-professionalism of the resume I had compiled on my own. I am blown away at the opportunities I have been provided due to the amazing resume you did for me. So again Thank you so much I truly appreciate the incredible product you supplied to me. My life has been a whirl wind of amazing life changing opportunities with just this simple document in hand.

Jamie I just wanted to give you an update as far as my resume. With the resume I received from you I have landed the job of my dreams working personally for Kevin Harrington one of the original Sharks from Shark Tank. I also had 2 guaranteed offers with dental offices and 2 interviews set up that I did cancel due to the employment I chose to take working with.

I have just recently moved back to Phoenix Az and begin my new career working for Kevin Harrington Friday morning. You are the best and I would refer you to anyone that is looking for a top exec position working for a world renown Entrepreneur.


Cali K.

Note from Jamie: This client received her resume on a Thursday- emailed it out that night- had an interview the next day- and a job by sundown- less than 24 hrs. The job was with a corporate banking organization, Fortune 25-level.

Thank you again for being so wonderful to me and doing all that you have done! I really can’t thank you enough. You have taught me a lot and I am forever grateful. Looks awesome!!! Blown away. 
Best Wishes,


Denise W.

Hello Jamie,

So glad to hear from you.  I have been on three interviews and before I left San Diego had started submitting my resume to local law firms.  I thank you for contacting me. Take care.


Robin O

Hi Jamie,
I wanted to update you on my job search. I was offered a community manager position in Palm Desert. It is a 384 unit complex and the pay is an increase of approximately $XX,000 a year. I owe it all to your great resume!


Thank you!


*Note – Robin has had her resume updated recently, and also sent me her son, husband, and friends to have their résumés done too. Thanks!

Eric Gibson

Eric Gibson is an amazing local writer, check out his work.


Hi Jamie,

Green Light I really like what you have done. Please move forward the start and stops are indicated at different intervals. I greatly appreciate your prompt and professional service.

Thanks again.

Yvette L.

The success I had with nursing client Yvette L. led me to create a custom curriculum that has since helped many nurses of all levels gain key jobs.


Thank you so much for spending time with me to perfect my resume.  I feel confident that it will be great after talking with you.  Attached, I included my other non-nursing resume, and the cover letter to my preceptor.  Your tips on interviewing and resume really helped me have more insight on how I can be more successful in this career search.  


Sokol Kobruja

Very good job, I am impressed, I love it.

Teresa D.

Blown away!! Wow!!  Unbelievable!


Eric J. Johnson


Good evening. Sorry for the delay. I have reviewed all documents and I am pleased to say that I love what I read. I am very blessed and thankful that you were able to assist me in this matter. 5 Stars across the board in my book. I will definitely refer you to others as well. I really can’t wait to get this resume in motion to see what lies out there for me. Have a good night.


Very Respectfully,

Melony R.

Thank you for the awesome resume, I greatly appreciate your talent, time and patience.

Brian Z.

I contacted Jamie for help with a resume I had not had to update in over 10 years. I explained that I wanted a career change. He spent time with me to really understand how my past experiences might translate into a new career path. In less than 48 hours, he delivered a professional, eye-catching resume and cover letter. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a professionally worded and formatted resume that accentuates assets and strengths to prospective employers.

Michael N.

Jamie is extremely knowledgable about the job market and he’s very professional at what he does. He is the first person I go to for any career advice! I hired him on about 5 years ago to re-write my resume and cover. I thought he did such a good job that I referred him to some friends, and they loved his work too! As a matter of fact, one of them landed a huge tech job and she couldn’t be happier!

I’m currently trying to make a big career change, I’m seeking a new programming position in the tech industry. I called Jamie and we met up for a quick meeting to discuss the challenges I face, as well as my new goals and skills I recently learned.

He delivered my new resume and cover letter a few days later, and let me tell you it was spot on! I could tell he did a lot of research on my industry and target position. Its really well written and he hit all the keywords that hiring managers are looking out for without being generic! I’m now very confident in landing my dream job!

Gin D.

A while back you had written a cover letter and a resume for me. I valued your professionalism and gift with words. I was amazed at how simple you made the process and how detailed you were, ensuring that my resume was professional, yet really conveyed who “I” was. Your gift with words and ability to connect with your clientele is really what set this experience apart for me and ultimately for my prospective employers.

Which prompted me to contact you yet again for a different project.

The thing I love the most is your capacity to extend past resume’s and helped me write other professional letters. Again I am very smart and articulate, however sometimes in business especially business we love, the passion and the drive are there but the words are not, that is where you came in and simply put, preformed your magic!

Your versatility, professionalism, and dedication to great quality is what I admire most.