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The Healthcare industry is one of the largest growing segments of the economy and this directly affected my business.


I had such a demand from nurses that I had no choice but to tailor my original methodologies at a more specialized level specifically for the nursing profession.

I have put my pen to work and created a custom curriculum for nursing professionals  of all levels that includes: Résumé, Job-Search, and Interview Preparation.

  1. Great Résumé:  My proprietary and unique way of presenting the data to employers has resulted in great success within the field. New Grads take note!
  2. Job-Search: My proprietary, custom job search methods hit openings very fast, and I also link you to all major corporate applications. Saves hours!
  3. Interview Preparation: I will help you distinguish yourself as a great nursing candidate by teaching you what to say and how to say it. You will take control of the interview process.


I have worked with nurses from all levels: brand-new graduates fresh out of nursing school to thirty-year master practitioners. They get their “dream jobs” at some of the top hospitals and clinics in California and around the country.

Placement, staffing, and recruiting services are all constantly evolving and developing into bigger business segments of my company and I will look forward to enhancing the relationships I have as well as creating new ones with with amazing healthcare practitioners around the country.